Regard for the Seas and Oceans That Sustain Our Planet Is Central to a Bold, New Vision for Ocean Travel

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Posted on 05/30/2023

Nature – its colors, its seemingly effortless constancy – enchants us, even heals us. Travel exposes us to the opportunity to bask in nature’s beauty in its countless forms. One of these – the sea – has long held us in its powerful enthrall, revitalizing us with a sense of joyful, limitless possibility. It’s what Explora Journeys calls the Ocean State of Mind. Connecting travelers to this feeling is at the heart of every Explora Journeys experience, starting with the debut of its first ship, EXPLORA I, in July 2023. 

The visionary Aponte family has long imagined an ocean experience unlike any other. With a 300-year heritage of seafaring tradition, the family founded the Mediterranean Shipping Company Group in the 1970s, and today, Explora Journeys’ parent company is one of the largest privately held shipping corporations in the world, known for its expertise and stability alike. 

Through the Aponte family’s passion and commitment, the introduction of Explora Journeys marks the birth of their bold vision for luxury ocean travel. Indeed, Explora Journeys is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, European luxury lifestyle brand that is redefining ocean travel for a new generation of discerning travelers.

Along with this appreciation for what the world’s oceans give us, is a deep and thoughtful reverence for the sea as a source – of life, of wonder, of livelihood, and of connection. This respect and awareness for this precious resource is at the heart of Explora Journeys’ ever-growing sustainability initiatives. 

With a mindset that we must do what we can to leave the world better for the next generation, Explora Journeys has introduced numerous technical and operational efficiencies on its ships, and has a broad vision for doing what it can to protect the oceans, lands and cultures that it visits. 

The brand aims to lead in the areas of fuel, emissions and noise, and supports its parent company’s pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its cruise marine operation by 2050. With a belief in the interconnectedness of communities and places, of cultures and planet, Explora Journeys is committed to lessening its environmental impact in profound ways, and, importantly, to constantly evaluating and improving efforts to do so.

When it comes to the planet, Explora Journeys aims to limit harmful emissions and reduce waste:

When it comes to places, Explora Journeys directly supports its founders’ MSC Foundation, which aims to restore the critical balance between people and nature within a generation. MSC Foundation partners with organizations around the world to support initiatives around environmental conservation, community support, education, and emergency relief. Examples of ongoing efforts include:

Explora Journeys also recognizes the importance of caring for people:

Each of us can play a part in doing what we can to preserve and protect and even improve this stunning world.

So, as travellers, we all want to know that we are engaging with brands that are doing what they can to lessen or even improve their impact. A major luxury consortia’s 2022 sustainability survey revealed that more than 80% of respondents said the pandemic made them want to travel more responsibly. The survey also confirmed that 75% of respondents are willing to pay more to travel responsibly, with the caveat that they would want to know how the additional costs are being used. 

A recent Forbes article said that “luxury brands must make a bold, definitive statement” – or risk adverse consequences. And, it stated that as important as this issue is, people hesitate to talk about it due to a fear of not being perfect. Explora Journeys openly acknowledges that no one is perfect in this area, that we can all do better, and that we will do better.

Explora Journeys is clear about its intention and its beliefs: to do what it can to bring care and respect for the world into its business. 

With world-renowned oceanographer, explorer and conservationist Dr. Sylvia Earle named as EXPLORA I’s godmother, the new, innovative cruise brand is clearly demonstrating its passion for the glittering, wondrous sea. 

Dr. Earle – also an author and the founder and chairman of Mission Blue – once noted, ‘With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you’re connected to the sea. No matter where on Earth you live.’

Just as we are connected to one another, we are connected to – and by – the oceans of this world.

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