Windstar Debuts New, Year-Round Ship for Tahiti – With Cultural Immersion

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Posted on 02/08/2024

With more than 3 decades of experience sailing in the exotic waters of Tahiti, Windstar is doubling down on the ultimate romantic destination, with a new ship dedicated year-round. Plus, the small-ship cruise line is launching a new program of shipboard experiences and shore excursions that will bring the culture of French Polynesia to life for guests.
The 312 – guest Star Breeze is replacing the cruise line’s motorized sailed cruise ship, Wind Spirit, as its ship in the region. That provides double the number of guests the opportunity to sail at a time - still in Windstar’s signature, small-ship style, navigating Tahiti’s out-of-the-way harbors, hidden lagoons, and pristine beaches in an island-hopping, intimate way.
However, the Star Breeze means faster travel to and from the islands of French Polynesia and the greater South Pacific, opening up opportunities for new itineraries that feature more favorite South Pacific destinations.
So, beginning in 2024, guests will be able to sail on Windstar’s Star Breeze to 11 islands and atolls in French Polynesia, including a new, 14-day itinerary to Tahiti and the Marquesas.
Diving into the Culture of French Polynesia
At the same time, Windstar is debuting new cultural enrichment for guests, like:
Windstar will continue to offer guest favorite experiences, including its signature Bora Bora Destination Discovery Event on a private Tahitian motu, where guests enjoy an al fresco dinner with traditional foods, live music and local fire dancers light up the night.
Tahiti tattooist, cultural expert and guide Tihoti brings local culture and traditions alive on board in a not-to-miss presentation.
Guests will also continue to be able to enjoy swimming directly off Windstar’s Watersports Platform. The South Pacific becomes the swimming pool and playground with complimentary paddle boards, kayaks, floating mats and snorkel gear. 
The cruise line is also deepening its ties with local communities, including:
Being Part of the Solution in the Precious Environment of the South Pacific
As part of Windstar’s partnership with Coral Gardeners, two new shore excursions take guests to meet the team, visit coral nurseries, and learn about the importance of protecting the corals in a hands-on and interactive way.
To date, the cruise line, along with its guests, have adopted over 2,500 corals with Coral Gardeners, and Windstar’s goal is to open a dedicated nursery supporting 5,000 corals in 2025.
Image: Windstar
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